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Do we predict cryptocurrency based on news and events?

Yes, news and market events are an important factor we incorporate into our cryptocurrency price predictions. With high levels of volatility and new investors in the crypto market, news items can significantly sway buying and selling activity in the short term. Major announcements like exchange listings, platform integrations or partnerships can spur investor FOMO and price jumps. While negative news events can trigger selloffs and bearish sentiment

What timeframe are the price predictions for?

Our price predictions primarily use longer-term timeframes of over a couple months to provide long-term outlooks. For technical analysis, longer timeframes with more candlestick data help identify support and resistance levels to inform forecast modeling.

How our price predictions made?

Our cryptocurrency price predictions are made through fundamental analysis of each coin’s leadership, roadmaps, adoption metrics, network activity, and future prospects. We also incorporate technical analysis by evaluating price charts, indicators like RSI and MACD, sentiment, volatility, volumes, and support/resistance. Combining fundamental factors with technical signals allows our team of experts to make carefully calculated predictions for the major cryptocurrencies we cover. We’re continually refining our methodologies to enhance accuracy.