iPhone 16 Pro's Size Boost 

Brace for a major size upgrade with the iPhone 16 Pro, featuring 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch screens, a departure from the norm 

N3E Tech: iPhone 16's Power Boost with 3-nanometer Chip

Apple gears up for the iPhone 16 series with advanced N3E 3-nanometer node chips, promising enhanced efficiency and performance. 

iPhone 16's Capacitive Controls and Mystery Button 

Get ready for capacitive volume and power buttons on all iPhone 16 models, plus a mysterious extra button adding to the intrigue. 

Brighter Displays: Micro-Lens Tech in iPhone 16 Panels 

Rumors swirl around micro-lens tech in iPhone 16 OLED panels, set to amp up brightness while saving power. 

Vertical Vision: iPhone 16 Camera Layout Goes Back Up 

iPhone 16 standard models may revert to a vertical camera layout, departing from the diagonal setup of the iPhone 13 and 14. 

Battery Breakthrough: iPhone 16 Pro's Stacked Tech and Fast Charging

iPhone 16 Pro rumors point to stacked battery tech for more capacity, along with speedy 40W wired charging and 20W MagSafe charging.

Pricing Ponder: iPhone 16's Cost Speculations 

Speculations arise about potential iPhone 16 price adjustments to manage increased production costs seen in the iPhone 15.